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Revelation Online Imperial Coins is Hot Sale on

Revelation Online Early Access is avaiable now and OBT will come on March 6th. Revelation Online Imperial Coins is the in-game currency for transactions with other players instead of gythil. Now is providing Revelation Online Imperial Coins hot for sale.


Revelation Online




Now You can buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins from for a character on any server in either the United States or Europe. GM2V also offers power leveling services for Revelation Online. In just a few days, Rogythil can advance a brand new Revelation Online character to high-level rank with our powerleveling service. We have prepare three different RO Power Leveling Packages for RO gamers.




GM2V provides RO coins prices that are usually lower than the competition. Imperial Coins is available in 10 different quantities ranging from 100 all the way to 3,000. To ensure that they are offering a competitive price on RO Imperial Coins, GM2V continuously monitors both the in-game economy and their competitors. It's much cheaper than the cash shop with safety guarantee.


Shopping and Payment


The GM2V website utilizes a sleek design that loads fast on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. The site eschews fancy graphics for a minimalist look that makes it easy to find the services you need. The quick buy option is prominently displayed on the website, which allows customers to place their orders as soon as the page loads. 


Customer Service

GM2V offers 24/7 customer service no matter which contact method you use. Whether it's in the middle of the night, early in the morning or even during a holiday, a customer service representative is ready to assist you. The live chat service will have a representative helping you within minutes while the email and Skype contact methods will reply to any inquiry within 24 hours.


GM2V even has a secondary email address specifically to address customer complaints. The company is active on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with each one serving as one more point of contact for a customer.


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