Revelation Online Imperial Coins is Hot Sale on

Revelation Online Imperial Coins is the in-game currency for transactions with other players instead of gythil. Now is providing Revelation Online Imperial Coins hot for sale. Huge Stock, Secure Payment, Instantly Trade and 24/7 Service Support.

Revelation Online Early Access Begins Now!

Today has officially announced that Early Access for Revelation Online is now open! Founder pack owners now can login into the game and start your adventure in Nuanor without character resets. Founder Pack owners can also expect to receive all of their unique and amazing rewards during Early Access.

Revelation Online Contest: Spread the Love

Revelation Online Contest: Spread the Love is over. See the Winner pictures and share the love.

Revelation Online Name Reservation Announcement and FAQ

On February 21st, has announced Revelation Online Name Reservation is closed. These Founder or Deluxe packs players will reserve their individual or meaningful name ahead of Early Access, starting on February 27th.

Easy Steps to Buy Revelation Online Gythil on is ready to providing Revelation Online Gythil for sale. On this page you'll see how easy to buy Revelation Online Gythil on our website.

Revelation Online OBT Server Names and CBT Numbers Report

It's time to see the which server you can play Revelation Online. Here are server names for their respective regions!

Revelation Online OBT is Coming on March 6th has announced Open Beta Date and Early Access on Febuary 14th. Early Access will start on the 27th February and Open Beta will start on the 6th March.

Revelation Online Open Beta Rumors

Revelation Online CBT3 has come to an end. Players are guessing when Revelation Online Open Beta will be. Recently There is some rummors going around that open beta starts on 14th. Look at what gamers said about Revelation Online Open Beta.

How to Trade in Revelation Online

Revelation Online Third Closed Beta will end soon. For players who recently start out in this game, we will intoduce how to trade in Revelation Online to help you spend your money better.

Revelation Online Dungeons Preview

Dungeons are main part of Revelation Online PvE content including solo dungeons, 5 player dungeons and raids. Today we are going to see the info of Revelation Online Dungeons.

Revelation Online: How to Make Your Equipment More Powerful

In the game, growing your weapons, armor and make your equipment more powerful is very important. You can find all ways at

Where to Get Revelation Online Closed Beta 3 Key

Revelation Online CBT3 has already started from January 19th and the Third Closed Beta Test will end on February 2nd, 2017. Are you looking for a closed beta key? This guides can help you.
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